WhatsApp for Android: the new 2.16.59 APK has been released

WhatsApp for Android new 2 16 59 APKThere isn’t a single day without some news coming from WhatsApp. This successful multi-platform instant messaging app (now the most used around the world with one billion monthly active users) is constantly improving, and its developers work really hard to constantly update the app and give its followers always new features. As you certainly know, WhatsApp can be used with several operating systems such Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia (unfortunately the last one only until the end of the year), but most of its users enjoy the app through the Android platform.

And talking about Android, today we are going to see what changes with the new 2.16.59 APK. Unfortunately there aren’t any new features, but, as usual, there have been bug fixes. The size of this latest 2.16.59 beta version of WhatsApp for Android is 27 MB and is available for Android devices version 2.1. and higher. You won’t find this new APK on the Google Play Store, but you can always download it from other sites such as apkmirror.com or apkpure.com.

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If WhatsApp is literally adored by its many users, we can not always say the same thing about governments, and what’s happening in Brazil during the last few days confirms that their relationship with the Facebook-owned app is sometimes controversial. According to recent statistics, Brazil, is one of the countries where WhatsApp is loved the most (96% of Brazilians use WhatsApp), but nonetheless the app is living quite difficult times.

In fact, for the second time, a judge in the Brazilian state of Sergipe decided to temporarily (72 hours) suspend the Facebook-owned app, but luckily this decision was revoked on appeal. Mark Zuckerberg in person celebrated the result of the appeal, and asked the support of Brazilian citizens to prevent future bans using these words in a Facebook post: “WhatsApp is now back online in Brazil! Your voices have been heard once again. Thank you to our community for helping resolve this,” adding “That said, the idea that everyone in Brazil can be denied freedom to communicate the way they want is very scary in a democracy. You and your friends can help make sure this never happens again, and I hope you get involved,”

For this reason he asked Brazilian citizens to gather before the nation’s Congress to support the introduction of new laws that would prevent the ban of services like WhatsApp. But what happened during the block? Brazilians used other similar platforms like Telegram and iMessage, using VPN services to access WhatsApp.

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