WhatsApp for Android: the Beta Program is now officially available on the Google Play Store

android beta program on google play storeToday we have wonderful news for all of you who use WhatsApp through Android devices. In fact, from now on, you can check straight from the Google Play Store if a new beta version of your favourite instant messaging app has been released. Yes, that’s true.

So far, if you had wanted to update your Android device with the newest version (but not yet stable) of WhatsApp, you needed to go to whatsapp.com/android. If on one hand it was nice because sometimes you discovered that new features had been added (just think about the voice calling function, or the introduction of new emojis), on the other hand this procedure was not so quick and quite stressful.

Think about all the time you have spent checking the site. Not to mention that you had to manually install an APK. Now all these troubles have come to an end and you can finally find the WhatsApp Beta Program software on the Google Play Store. So, what changes exactly? First of all all the updates are delivered automaticaly. Furthermore, you don’t have to download the entire APK each time because the updates are incremental.

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Finally, in order to receive the latest updates, you don’t have to subscribe to Google Groups or Google+ communities anymore. You simply have to open the Google Play Store’s WhatsApp testing page and click the ‘Become a Beta Tester’ button. Yes, as simple as that. Now that you are officially a WhatsApp Beta tester the updates will arrive automatically on your device. And that’s not all.

If for any reason you decide to leave the beta program, you can do it by simply heading again to the same page. Once you are here again, you have two choices: the first one is to uninstall the testing version; the second one is to reinstall the public version on Google Play. But be careful. If  you decide to uninstall the testing version, remember to back up your chats on Google Drive.

So, what do you think, isn’t it great? No wonder that this multi-platform instant messaging app has reached the milestone of one billion monthly active users.