WhatsApp for Android: new Beta version 2.12.312 introduces previews for shared URLs

beta 2.12.312Another interesting new Beta version of WhatsApp Messenger for Android has been released and took everyone by surprise. In fact this new version 2.12.312 of WhatsApp brings a new feature (that to be honest is not so new since it is already available for Telegram users), that clearly needs to be completed. We are confident that WhatsApp developer are already working hard on it and that we will have soon another update available.

As anticipated in the title, we are talking about the new option which makes possible to have previews for shared links. Interesting, isn’t it? But let’s see how this new feature works. After typing a URL, a small preview window will pop up, showing the title of the page you want to share with one of your contacts, an image, and the URL.

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Unfortunately for the moment this feature works only in one direction, as only the senders will have the preview available. In fact the recipients won’t be able to see the previews of the URL even if they use this latest updated version of WhatsApp Messenger. Furthermore, this kind of previews are currently available only for standard URL (so, if you were thinking to use it to share image links, you better find another way, at least for the moment), and are currently designed for small snippets.

But if you are curious and you want to give it a try, you can download the APK from the official website: http://www.whatsapp.com/android/. As we were saying above, this is certainly just a small part of a bigger plan which is still in progress, so let’s wait and see what the developers are preparing for WhatsApp users. For sure during the last few days we have seen a lot of changes going on: the integration with Google Translate (for Android Marshmallow OS), the 3D Touch support (for iPhone) and much more. And it won’t end here.