WhatsApp for Android: the new beta version 2.12.373 adds new emojis and renews their organization

new version 2 12 373WhatsApp has just released its latest Beta for Android devices, and, if you don’t want to wait for it to arrive on the Google Play Store, you can already download this new version 2.12.373 from the official site of the app. This new Beta, along with some bug fixes, finally brings some novelties that we think will be greately appreciated by the numerous users of emoticons. In fact version 2.12.373 not only adds dozens of new emojis, but reorganizes them into new categories (so now there are a total of 9 categories instead of 6).

The result is that the Android version of WhatsApp recalls WhatsApp Web or the iPhone when it comes to emojis. Among the new signs that now you can enjoy there is the horns gesture (which we expect will be as successful as the raised middle finger), together with new facial expressions for hugs and a lot more. Family emojis are now more numerous too. Furthermore you can find some updates also in the nature tab with the addition of a spider, unicorn, turkey and shamrock. And that’s not all.

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The food tab sees new arrivals too such as a hot dog or a popcorn box, along with a popped champagne bottle and a taco. If you are a sport type (but not necessarily) you can have some fun using emojis of ice skating, weightlifting, racing cars and medals. A dedicated section to new travel destinations and places of worship could not be missing. Starting from this new beta version 2.12.373 you can find the objects organized in their own tab, where you can find, among others, shopping bags, a joystick, a microphone and even a funeral urn. The symbols tab now include also the hearts, so don’t search for them among faces and people anymore.

So, you can’t wait to use all these brand new emojis? To download and install this latest APK of WhatsApp simply go here  or here. But remember, to send and receive these emojis you (and your recipient) will need to have this latest 2.12.373 version or a blank box will show up.

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