WhatsApp for Android: the new Beta version 2.12.535 brings some formatting changes

whatsapp for android bold and italicsWhatsApp developers are releasing, more frequently than ever (nearly on a daily basis), updated versions  of this popular instant messaging app. Obviously, most of the updates, for the moment, are for the Android version of the app, since it is the most used. Therefore, today we are talking again about a new beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which introduces some interesting updates.

We think that this latest beta version 2.12.535 will be really appreciated betweeen WhatsAppers, because it introduces some formatting changes that will allow WhatsApp users to enliven their messages. If you decide to upgrade your Android device with this version 2.12.535, you’ll be able to format text inside WhatsApp messages as bold or italics. How can you do it? It’s very easy.

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For example, if you need to use the bold, you just have to type your text between asterisks (*text*). Similar procedure if you want to use the italics: write your text between underscores (_text_). Your contact will be able to see the formatting if he/she uses an updated version of WhatsApp (so not with the 2.12.510 version but yes with the latest 2.12.535 version). We know, it’s already been noticed that this is the same way used by Google+ and Hangouts to format comments, but still, it’s a useful option.

Other changes have been added to the notifications, where now the sender name is displayed in bold, making it easier to recognize one chat from another. Another important update introduced involves file transfers. With this latest 2.12.535 version of WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp will automatically convert Google Docs and Sheets from Google Drive to PDF documents, which you can then attach to your messages.

So, if you want to install Beta version 2.12.535 on your Android device, and you have not yet joined the official Play Store Beta Program, you can always download the APK Mirror from here and keep on enjoying your favourite instant messaging app.