WhatsApp for Android: a new Beta is already available (version number 2.16.33)

android latest updateWe know that’s incredible, but here we are, talking about the new Beta version of WhatsApp for Android that has just been released. This new 2.16.33 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android weighs 27.64 MB and runs on all Android 2.1 or later devices. As we said, since this latest APK is a Beta, so you won’t find it on the Google Play Store.

So, what changes with this latest 2.16.33 Beta version? Honestly we couldn’t find anything new, but developers, as usual, have worked hard to further improve the app stability and performance and also fixed some bugs. How can you install this latest APK on your Android device? Don’t worry, it’s extremely simple. In order to download successfully this latest APK file, the first thing you need to do is to enable the Unknown Sources option. You’ll find this option on your device by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

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Once you’ve enabled this option, you just need to download the WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.33 APK from here. Now, to install this latest version of WhatsApp for Android, you need to open the file manager in your Android device and follow thoroughly the instructions. And that’s it, as simple as that. Now you have updated your Android device with the latest 2.16.33 version of WhatsApp.

Lately we talked a lot about the decision of WhatsApp to roll out end-to-end encryption for all its users. This action of the Facebook-owned app obviously created a large debate, where some companies strongly agree with this action and some others (especially some governments) don’t.

Today, last news report that Viber, another successfull instant messaging app as well as one of the major competitor of WhatsApp, has decided to add end-to-end encryption as well. With this option the company won’t be allowed to access any of its users messages, and, obviously, neither will be government agencies. A spokesperson of the company stated that this new update will be available to users worldwide in “several weeks“.