WhatsApp for Android: the latest 2.16.32 Beta version is available for download

whatsapp for android 2 16 32 BetaA new Beta version of WhatsApp for Android has just been released.This latest update, now we are at Beta 2.16.32, doesn’t bring any substantial changes to the app, but just some improvements (which are equally important) and some bug fixes. This latest Beta release weighs about 27MB and runs on any Android device. The build number of this update’s download file is 451098.

Since it’s a Beta, you won’t find it on the Google Play Store, unless you are already a member of the Official Beta Channel. So, how can you install this latest 2.16.32 Beta version of WhatsApp on your Android device? Through the APK Mirror. Remember that in order to download the APK of this latest update of WhatsApp on your Android device you have to enable first the Unknown Sources option, so follow this simple procedure. First of all grab your device and go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable this option.Now you can go to WhatsApp web site and download the APK File. Easy, isn’t it? And its simplicity is probably one of the reasons of the success of WhatsApp.

The app is totally suitable for all and now the Facebook-owned app is not only used all over the world to communicate with family and friends, but also for work reasons, and has gained its own special place among media. In our blog we mentioned several times that WhatsApp, with its 1 billion monthly active users, is particularly used in some countries more than in others, and Brazil is one of the countries where WhatsApp is loved the most. According to recent statistics it seems that 96% of Brazilians use WhatsApp as their first choice of communication.

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A country where this popular instant messaging app is so widespread, is certainly perfect to start analyzing more in deep its use and its applicability. Fernanda Saboia, a senior strategist at digital agency Huge which is based in Rio, talking about WhatsApp in the Harvard Business Review said: “has become something much bigger than a chat app” and that the app is now a “one-stop solution for everyone“.

Saboia has analyzed what users expect from WhatsApp, and stated that  “It has changed how users expect to interact with companies and brands online, and it is forcing firms to use messaging to fulfil customer expectations,” adding that consumers now expect immediate answers to their queries (the average reply time for email is about 90 minutes while the one for instant messaging is 90 seconds).

Nowadays WhatsApp is already used by many companies to alert customers about their new products, and Fernanda Saboia thinks that brands should pay special attention not to send unsolicited promotional material. Saboia believes that “The key is to focus on creating quality content where your brand is trying to be not the centre of the discussion but rather a memorable element in the background

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