WhatsApp for Android: the latest Beta version reintroduces the old Status feature

WA for Android Old StatusAfter just a few weeks from the introduction of the major update that completely changed the WhatsApp Status feature, here we are, with a new Beta version (now we are at version 2.17.95) of the service that brings back the old text-based status message. But why?

It seems that the new Snapchat-like Status that allows WhatsApp users to share photos and images with other contacts has not been completely appreciated by WhatsApp users, on the contrary, the feature has met a lot of criticism. So WhatsApp, that is always trying to meet its users demands, with this latest 2.17.95 Beta version for Android devices, has just brought back its old version of the Status feature.

This latest update doesn’t replace the newly added Status tab, which is still there. Now you simply have both of them, and you are free to use the one that you enjoy more. Where can you find the ‘new-old Status feature’? You can find it under your profile settings, exactly like before, in the About and phone number section.

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From here you will be able to see also the statuses of other users. Just like before, the options you have are ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At school’, ‘At the movies’, etc. Obviously, it does not disappear in 24 hours.

As we said, the feature is still available as a Beta, but it should arrive as a stable version soon. But if you don’t want to wait and prefer to install it immediately on your Android device you can download it from some safe sites such as APK Mirror.

Or, if you are a Beta Tester, you can download it straight from the Google Play Store. If you are not yet a Beta Tester, you can easily join the program from here.  From this page you just have to click on the ‘Become a beta tester’ button. Joining the program will allow you to download the new WhatsApp beta in a few minutes and enjoy it before it is released as a stable version.