WhatsApp for Android: the latest update finally brings the Video Calling feature

WA for Android Video Calling FeatureA major, and much awaited, update of WhatsApp is available for Android users. Obviously we are talking about the Video Calling feature, the functionality that we were all really waiting for. This fantastic option has been finally added with the latest 2.16.316 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android, and is currently available to users who are part of the Android Beta Testing Program.

How can you use the new Video Calling feature? It’s really simple and intuitive, since this option works pretty much as the Voice Calling feature. So, let’s see together how to make a video call. First of all, grab your Android device and tap on the call button (you will find it next to the search icon). At this point a dialog box will appear, giving you the option to either make a WhatsApp Voice Call or a Video Call. As simple as that.

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But remember that this new feature will work only if both the caller and the recipient are part of the Android Beta testing program. Furthermore, if the recipient has not yet updated his/her device with the latest version of the app, you will receive a message saying “Couldn’t place call” followed by text, “Couldn’t place call. Recipient [name of contact being called] needs to update WhatsApp to receive video calls.”

Some users are reporting problems with this new feature, and Android Police suggests to try wiping app data and re-logging into the app. Another solution could be to update your device with one of the latest beta versions available. As we said, for the moment this new Video Calling feature is available for Beta Testers. If you are not yet one of them, you can still sign-up for the program. Otherwise you can download the APK of this latest 2.16.316 beta version of WhatsApp for Android from APK Mirror.

It is not the first time that we are talking about the Video Calling option, since it has already been spotted in May. But something cliearly didn’t work out because it was immediately removed.