WhatsApp for Android: more stability and less bugs with new Beta version 2.12.353

new android apkClearly WhatsApp developers never rest, since almost every day we register the release of a new version of this popular app. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha: WhatsApp runs on all these devices and all of them regularly (and frequently) receive some updates. Today is Android turn, with a new APK. So, what surprises has it got in store for us?

This latest beta version 2.12.353 doesn’t introduce any new feature (and it seems quite obvious considering that only ten days ago the app had major updates such as the Starred Messages feature) but is clearly more stable and developers also worked on fixing some bugs. If you often use this instant messaging app (the most popular around the world with over 900 million monthly active users) it is worth  to spend some time to keep it always updated.

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Having said that, let’s see how to install Beta 2.12.353 on your Android device. You can find this latest APK from whatsapp.com/android (as you know, betas aren’t available on the Google Play Store). Download it and enable the Unknown Sources” option on your smartphone, option that you can find in Settings > Security (or Settings > Application, depending on the OS version that you have on your device). At this point you need to go where you’ve previously saved the APK file. To launch the installation process you simply need to tap on it. Done, as simple as that.

The end of the year is approaching, so this is the right period for statistics. This week GlobalWebIndex has published an interesting report, dedicated to Facebook users (and as you know, WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned messaging service). According to this interesting survay, 53% of all Facebookers use also WhatsApp to stay in touch with their contacts, while between Facebookers aged between 16 and 24, WhatsApp users are 63%. And it’s likely that more statistics will arrive by the end of the year.