WhatsApp for Android: update your device with the new 2.16.201 stable version

wa android voice mailWe all know that WhatsApp’s developers regularly release updates of the popular app, especially for the Android version. Unfortunately, these are often beta updates, so those of you who are not (yet) beta testers don’t have the opportunity to try immediately the new features and improvements that have been introduced. Well, this is not the case of this latest 2.16.201 version of WhatsApp for Android, since this is already a stable version, so it is available for all users.

This latest version of WhatsApp for Android can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store and can be installed on any smartphone running on Android 4.0 and later. The build number of this 2.16.201 version of WhatsApp for Android is 451310 and weighs 21.82MB.Even if Google has not given any change log for this version, we are quite confident that this latest version comes with some of the latest updates that appeared in Beta, such as the call back (or WhatsApp voicemail) feature or the new font called Fixedsys. Let’s see how they work.

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The first one is an improvement of WhatsApp’s voice call system, and you can see it when you call one of your contact. If the call is declined or the recipient doesn’t pick up the phone, WhatsApp will ask you whether you prefer to Cancel, Call Back, or Record voice message. If you choose Cancel, you will close the screen. Choosing Call Back will redial the number while tapping on Record voice message you will be able to record a message. Afterwards, the message will be shown on your chat conversation with the contact that you have tried to call.

The other new feature, Fixedsys, is a new font. How can you use it? You have to type your text between the backquote symbol  (`). Furthermore, we have good news for emojis lovers. iOS version of WhatsApp already supports bigger emojis, so we think that they will soon be introduced in the Android one. In the meantime, it is already available  the Olympic Rings emoji, which you can find under the soccer ball submenu of your emoji list, after the Bowling symbol.

There are also some rumors that suggest that also the music-sharing feature will soon be introduced, feature that is already available on iOS. Lastly, if you are a Beta tester, you might be interested in downloading the latest 2.16.204 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which is already available on the Google Play Store.

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