WhatsApp for Android: a new update is available for download

WA for Android beta 2 16 195Those of you who use WhatsApp with Android devices will be able to download a new updated version of their favourite app straight from the Google Play Store. However, this is not a stable version, but a new Beta, hence only Beta Tester users will be able to install this latest update on their Android device. With this latest release we are at version 2.16.195, which promises to be an interesting one.

In fact this new updated version comes with some new features, along with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements. The new options that have been added include the voicemail and the two-factor authentication. This latest APK file has been increased with 25KB and contains over 500 modified files (most of these modified files are related to the functions of the app). Furthermore, this latest 2.16.195 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices have also some new files and 9 new directories, where the pom.xml and pom.properties.xml have been added.

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Once again, there are not yet signs of the much awaited Video Calling feature, but we are confident that this important and popular option will be added soon. Now, how can you install this latest 2.16.195 Beta version of WhatsApp on your Android device. As we said above, Android users can download this latest APK directly from the Google Play Store. But, as we said, only Beta Testers are allowed to download the update. So, if you wish to become one, you can head to this page and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button.

Now that you are a WhatsApp Beta Tester you can open the Google Play Store and install this latest 2.16.195 Beta of WhatsApp on your Android device. Once the installation is complete always remember to use your mobile phone number. In this way you’ll be able to log into your WhatsApp account.