WhatsApp for Android: the update introduces a new keyword search function

whatsapp updateIf you use WhatsApp with an Android device, you’ll be glad to know that the search function has been improved. In fact now you can search through all your conversations at once.

The popular instant messaging service owned by Facebook is currently used by hundreds of millions of people. The app is downloadable on iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone and some Nokia devices. So, everyone has noticed that the Android platform is the one more often updated, and recently, with version 2.12.34, we have seen also adding Material Design between its new interfaces.

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Well, in addition to this major update, an incredibly useful new feature has been added. This change allows you to search in all your conversations with a keyword, so you don’t have to go through one by one. This is definitely an important improvement, which will save us a lot of time.

In fact, so far the research could only be done on a specific string of text or a phrase in a single conversation. But now, once you choose a keyword, you can search through all your WhatsApp messages in one time. Isnt’ it fantastic? To use this option you just have to type the keyword in the search bar, and you can see all your chats containing that word. More or less what you already do with Google.

It goes without saying that this new function is extremely welcomed, considering how much we use WhatsApp not just with friends and family, but also for our job.But do you rememer that you can save your messages? If you don’t, dont worry, it’s simple. Just go to Settings > Chat Setting > Chat Backup. This function was added by WhatsApp with the 2.12.45 APK and allows you also to choose how often you want your messages to be saved.