WhatsApp for Android: the new updated 2.12.523 APK is now available

whatsapp for androidThere is a new updated version of WhatsApp for Android available, even if for the moment it is only an APK version. Version 2.12.523 doesn’t bring significant improvements, as it happened with the last couple of versions, but it could be useful to download it in any case.

After the sharing documents feature and the revamp of the Settings page, APK version 2.12.523 of WhatsApp for Android, as we said above, doesn’t bring further changes to the app. This latest version just fixes some bugs and improve the stability of the app. This latest 2.12.523 APK runs on all Android devices 2.1 or above and the size of the download file is 27.39 MB.

So, how can you install this latest APK version of Whatsapp for Android? You can download this latest updated version from here. Even if there aren’t any changes, obviously this latest update certainly makes the app stabler and faster.

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Are you not only a WhatsApper, but also a fashion addicted? Well, in this case you’ll be glad to know that British Vogue (part of the Conde Nast family) has decided to try a new way to get in touch with its audience using WhatsApp. The fashion magazine is in good company since also BBC and The Huffington Post have decided to send out news alerts through the popular Facebook-owned app.

The news confirms the growing importance of WhatsApp (and of instant messaging applications in general) in the world of communication, since it’s now widely used by journalists around the world to share information and pictures in real time. British Vogue announced its presence on WhatsApp last month with an article, saying that WhatsApp is now a must-have if you “like to share information first”.

So, how can you enroll to the service and receive all the biggest stories in the fashion world? You simply have to save the dedicated number to your phonebook and send FASHION to the Vogue WhatsApp group.