WhatsApp celebrates: 30 billion messages!

whatsapp festeggiaFrom a survey conducted by The Economist emerged an interesting (but maybe not unexpected) result: WhatsApp sent 10 billion messages more than traditional text messages. So, the overtaking is now accomplished and WhatsApp leaves behind the traditional text messages. A completely new season for communication.

The number of text messages sent around the world with Whatsapp exceeded that of text messages, reveals this new study published by the British weekly magazine The Economist. According to this survey, every day about 30 billion messages are sent around the world with the messaging application.  Text messages are ten less.
WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service, bought by Facebook for 19 billion last year, has become the most popular messaging application in the world with over 700 million accounts, which have generated over the past year about 7 trillion messages. An impressive result indeed.

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As if that was not enough, now the users of WhatsApp can also call their contacts using their iPhone.  The announcement arrived by the co-founder of the service, Brian Acton, according to the Venture Beat site. Acton said that we will not have to wait too much, maybe just a couple of weeks.

But he also added that the chat will not be open to outside developers. This was part of the content of what Acton said, speaking at the F8, the Facebook developer conference, being held in San Francisco. Acton gave an explanation for this decision, saying that the team working on WhatsApp has spent the last year perfecting VoIP calls before making them available on Android, which now works with a particular mechanism to invitations. Same attention, therefore, was given to the iOS platform, on which the development of the phone seems to be almost completed.

So, the reason for not opening up to developers, Acton said, is to avoid that the 700 million users of the chat are inundated with unwanted messages. That is what would happen if you give to outside developers the opportunity to get in WhatsApp. “Users experience – he said – is something that we must maintain as sacred. We want that the messages are wanted, not solicited”.