WhatsApp has a new competitor: Livetext (Yahoo!) is arrived

whatsapp vs livetextCan you imagine your life without Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or whatever other instant messaging app? Well, it’s hard. Many of us are now completely addicted to those communication systems. But even if you are not such a big user, you might be interested to know that from today you have one more app available to communicate with your friends and family.

The news is quite important because the owner of this new chat is Yahoo!. The company, which was very important in the field of messaging until a few years ago (particularly in the USA) has lunched this week its new service called Livetext. The announcement was given directly by Marissa Mayer, who is at the head of the organization. Yahoo! has had a slow decline during the recent years, and with Livetext is trying to start again its battle against other services.

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livetextLivetext is a messaging platform and it is halfway between Snapchat and WhatsApp. You can use Livetext, that is available now for Android and iOS devices, as a classical text chat with emoticons and video support, but without the ability to have the audio. So Livetext users are allowed to video text their messages. Yahoo! Livetext is now available on Google Play Store and App Store in the United States, Canada,France UK and Germany, while it was already available in Ireland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Livetext was officially launched during an event held in New York, and Adam Cahan (Senior Vice President of Video, Design and Emerging Products) has described this new app using these words: “We wanted to create a new way to communicate, blending the simplicity of texting with the emotion and immediacy of live video, to make your experience spontaneous and real”. Yahoo! proves to have the courage to try to enter a market already dominated by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Recent statistics report WhatsApp as the most popular free app in the App Store in the UK, while Facebook Messenger wins the competition in the Google Play Store. As we know, both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger include video calling among their features. The difference between Mark Zuckerberg‘s apps and Livetext is that this new Yahoo! service (like SnapChat) allows its users to exchange videos which are automatically deleted. So, what do you think , will Livetext have a bright future?

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