WhatsApp for desktop: have you already tried Whatsie?

whatsieA few weeks ago WhatsApp users were certainly very pleased to discover that a new native desktop client  of their favourite instant messaging app had just been released. What more can you do now? Thanks to this new desktop client, WhatsApp users who spend most of their day on their laptops or computer are now allowed to stay in touch with their family and friends, without using mobile phones.

Furthermore, unlike Whatsapp Web, you can use it even when the browser doesn’t work. But despite the great usefulness of WhatsApp for desktop, it seems that many people have not appreciated its aesthetics, especially compared to that of WhatsApp for Windows Phone. That’s why the same people who developed Facebook Messenger for desktop decided to create Whatsie. What is Whatsie?

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This third-party app is not so different from WhatsApp’s desktop client, since it just customizes WhatsApp Web. The main difference, as we mentioned above, is that Whatsie can be used without the support of a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge. At this point you might think that Whatsie works like Whatswrapp, the app that you can find in the Windows Store, but they are not exactly the same.

What can you do with Whatsie? First of all, you have the choice of 7 themes, and you can change them whenever you prefer. Then, of course, the app offers toast notifications and it can be placed on top of the Windows 10 notification bar. Furthermore, another option allows you to launch Whatsie on Startup.

Whatsie runs on Mac and Linux computers, and works also with OS X. Whatsie is even compatible with Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora CentOS and Red Hat. So, do you like Whatsie and wonder how to install it on your computer? You won’t find the app on the Windows Store app. To download it you need to go to the developers website.