WhatsApp might develop desktop apps for Windows 10 and Apple OS X

whatsapp desktop app for windows and macThis week opens with great news for WhatsApp users. In fact, it seems that the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is working on a native app for Microsoft and Apple desktop operating systems. You might say: where is the news, this app already exists and it’s called WhatsApp Web. That’s true, but what WhatsApp is going to launch (it seems …) is something different and new.

Let’s see what could change in the near future. In order to use WhatsApp Web, you currently need to use your smartphone to connect the app on a desktop computer. This happens thanks to a QR code within the app (you can find it going to Settings > WhatsApp Web) that the users need to scan to connect their computer to the smartphone. Well, with this new native desktop client, users will be finally able to use WhatsApp straight on their PC or MAC avoiding this quite long procedure.

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Unfortunately this latest release is not yet official, but everyone on the web is already talking about it after a series of screenshots have been posted on Twitter by WABetaInfo. These screenshots seem to be translation requests from the WhatsApp team and include quite informative phrases such as “OS Versions Supported By WhatsApp Native client“, “Download for Mac OS X” or “Download for Windows“.

As we said, for the moment WhatsApp owners have not yet confirmed or commented the news of the release of this new desktop app, so it is not possible for us to know if this screenshots are authentic or not. What’s true is the incredible and unstoppable success of the app, and it is plausible that its developers are working on something “big”.

For example, recently we have talked about the possible forthcoming addition  of an in-built voicemail system and the instant call-back feature. But, honestly, what we are really waiting for is the video calling feature.