WhatsApp: new download available for Nokia Asha

nokia asha beta 2.13.9WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application, has just released a new beta version for Nokia Asha smartphones that run on Symbian 40 (for example the Nokia C3). At the moment for users of Nokia Asha devices it is already possible to use WhatsApp to chat with their friends, colleagues and family, share audio files, photos and even their location.

But, unfortunately, they still can’t use the WhatsApp Calling feature since, so far, it is only available for devices that work on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. And at this point Nokia Asha users doubt that they will ever be able to use the Calling feature with their devices. So, what changes with this new beta version? Once again, as already happend with the previous beta recently released, also this new WhatsApp version 2.13.9 doesn’t bring any new feature, so it could be possible that the new beta just fixes some bugs and improves the stability of the service.

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It has already been noticed that the .jar (installation) file has the same size as the previous version: 1917KB now, 1917KB before the update. So now there are some rumours on the web that developers haven’t actually updated anything, only the version number. What do you think? Might it be possible?

Anyway, if you decide to install version 2.13.9 of WhatsApp for Nokia Asha devices, first of all you need to keep in mind that it’s a Beta version, not yet the stable one, so you have to download the .jar file manually in order to install it on your smartphone. As usual, you can find and download the .jar file from the official WhatsApp website: whatsapp.com/s40. But remember: before installing this new WhatsApp version 2.13.9, you have to first uninstall from your smartphone the one that you are currently using. After that you can easily proceed with the download.