WhatsApp for iOS: the latest update adds Siri integration and much more

WhatsAPp iOs SiriAre you an iPhone user and you often use WhatsApp? Well, today we have great news for you. A couple of days ago we anticipated that major updates were going to be added to our favourite messaging app, and today we are able to finally confirm you what appeared to be just some rumours. Let’s see what is changing. First of all, the latest update of WhatsApp for iOS brings Siri integration, and that’s great. Furtheremore, now users will be able to answer voice calls straight from the lock screen. So, let’s see in order how these awesome new features work.

Thanks to this latest update, iOS users will be able to use Siri to send messages and to place WhatsApp calls. How can you do it? First of all, obviously, you have to update your iPhone with this latest 2.16.10 version of WhatsApp for iOS 10. Once you complete the update you simply have to launch Siri and tell it or to send a message or to call one of your contacts. The process is extremely simple, and you will receive by Siri the necessary instructions step by step. For the moment this update has been added only to WhatsApp, but we expect that this new feature will soon be added also to Facebook Messenger.

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Along with this important new feature, this latest 2.16.10 version of WhatsApp for iOS 10 brings also the ability to reply to voice calls right from your lock screen. We consider this new feature a great improvement since, from now on, you will be able to answer or decline WhatsApp calls exactly in the same way you’d do with a regular phone call.

If it wasn’t enough, a new widget that allows you to go to recent chats or see unread messages has been added. In addition, iOS 10 users will now be able to send multiple chats simultaneously. Furthermore, starting from this latest updated version, the chats you frequently contact will appear automatically.