WhatsApp for iOS: the latest version adds GIF support

WA for iOS GIFSGreat news for those of you who use WhatsApp with an iPhone: you can now send GIFs. This popular option is very used on social media, and messaging services such as Facebook, Twitter and iMessage already support it. And now GIFs have finally been added to WhatsApp for iOS, for the joy of the many users of the app.

So, what do you have to do in order to send GIFs with your iPhone device? The first thing to do is to download this latest 2.16.15 version of WhatsApp for iOS from the App Store (this passage is necessary because iOS operating system doesn’t natively support GIFs). Once you have installed this latest update, you will be enabled to send videos and photos as a GIF.

Now, let’s see how to send videos as animated GIF. The procedure is quite simple, you only have to select a video by tapping the Plus button which is located on the left of the text box. After that, you need to select Photo & Video Library and choose the video that you want to send (it is important though that you remember that the length of the video must be 6 seconds or shorter). Now from the top right of your screen you will be able to choose whether to send a video or a GIF.

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As we said before, with this latest version of WhatsApp for iOS, users are also enabled to send live photos as animated GIFs, even if, for the moment, this option works only if you have an iPhone with 3D Touch. To send an animated GIF you have to go to the Photo/Video Library and choose “Select as GIF.”

Thanks to this latest update of WhatsApp for iOS, users will now be able to send GIFs they find on the internet. As it often happens with WhatsApp, the procedure is quite straightforward. Let’s see how it works. You have found a GIF on the internet and you want to send it to one of your contacts: you can simply do a “Copy” and “Paste” into the WhatsApp text field.

The ability to send and receive GIFs is already available in Beta version for Android users, but what about WhatsApp Web? WhatsApp Web is already able to read GIFs, but unfortunately it currently can’t send them.

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