WhatsApp for iOS: you can now ask Siri to read out your unread messages

WA for iOS and SiriA major update is available for iOS users of WhatsApp. Thanks to this latest 2.17.2 version of the app, anyone running iOS 10.3 will be finally able to ask Siri to read out loud their latest unread messages.

Furthermore, this great new feature is not the only improvement added to the iOS platform of the app. The latest update adds also the ability to select multiple statuses to forward or revoke from the My Updates screen. Also the old Voice Call icon has changed, and has been replaced with a “+” icon. This new icon, once tapped, shows a list of contacts for placing both voice and video calls.

iOS users probably already know that the support for Siri was added in September, and since then it allows them to send messages and answer WhatsApp calls using simply voice commands from the lock screen. To use Siri with WhatsApp on your iOS device you just have to enable App Support going to the Siri setting menu.

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But this latest 2.17.2 version of WhatsApp for iOS devices also comes with some nice visual tweaks.The Group Info, Contacts Info and the Calls tab get a makeover, and now their icons are more colorful. Furthermore, they will feature images that gets enlarged once you scroll down. It’s also interesting to note that the support for the Persian language has been added to the service along with an easier two-step verification interface.

Here’s how the popular Facebook-owned company introduces these latest additions to iOS users on the website:

  • You can now ask Siri to read your latest messages (iOS 10.3+)
  • Visual improvements to the Calls tab, Contact Info and Group Info screens
  • In the My Updates screen, you can now select multiple statuses at once and forward or delete them
  • Support for Persian

You can already install this latest 2.17.2 version of WhatsApp for iOS devices straight from the Apple Store.