WhatsApp for iPhones: new version 2.12.15 finally fixes unused storage space bug

whatsapp for iphone update 2 12 15Great news for iOS users. WhatsApp, the populas instant messaging app, has just released an updated version of the app which finally fixes a bug that consumes all of an iPhone’s unused storage space. And that’s not all.

Updated version 2.12.15 of WhatsApp for iPhone brings also a new, useful, feature that allows users to send and receive PDF files. And iOS users will also be delighted to find other much awaited features. In fact now iPhone users will also be able to share videos and photos with their contacts and, that’s really awesome, to zoom in on videos while they’re playing.

So, let’s see what changes with this new version 2.12.15 of WhatsApp for iPhone. Unfortunately, until now users with 8GB or 16GB iPhone devices were having serious problems due to a storage bug. Luckily this issue has been solved by WhatsApp developers, and now iOS users will immediately notice that they have much more storage space on their devices. And, as we said above, that’s not all and other nice surprises are now available for iOS users.

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Thanks to this new 2.12.15 version, users will be able to send and receive PDF files,  photos and videos. Using this feature users are now allowed to share with their contacts not only what they have saved locally, but also what they have stored on Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive or Dropbox. How can you use this feature? In an easy way: by opening the “Photo/Video Library” and tapping “Choose from another app…”

What else? With this new version of WhatsApp for iPhone, users will be able to change colours for chat background and also to zoom in videos while they are playing. How can you install this latest updated version of WhatsApp for iPhone? You can find this latest 2.12.15 version already available on the Apple App Store.