Did you know that WhatsApp has a list of your best friends? With a new feature you can discover who they are

hidden featureAre you curious to find out who are your best friends on WhatsApp? With a new hidden feature you can now immediately find it out. It seems that WhatsApp added this hidden tool in June, with the update 2.12.3, according to what Rhiannon Williams of The Telegraph says. But how does it work and how can you use it? Actually, it is quite simple.

In fact, if you open your settings options on WhatsApp, you can find the list of the people you contact most often. This tool lists your contacts in order of importance, creating a kind of ranking. So, to find out who your best friends are, you simply have to go to Settings, select Accounts and then Storage Usage. From here you can see the total amount of messages you have sent and received at the top of the page, and the people to whom you send more messages.

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Also, you can order the messages by size, discovering in this way which conversations take up more space on your smartphone. How? Simply selecting the “Size” tab located at the bottom of your screen. For now this option is only available for iOS users, and it is yet unknown if and when it will be available also for Android or Windows Phone. Currently Android users are “only” allowed to see the total amount of sent messages and information on data use.

To think about it, it seems quite strange that WhatsApp left Android without this option, as it has always been the first one to be updated. So let’s wait for  the reaction of Android users to this news, maybe their reaction will force WhatsApp developers to add this feature also on other platforms.

It is certain that with 64 billion messages sent every day, WhatsApp is currently the most successful instant messaging application across the globe, and even though other services are emerging, its spread seems unstoppable.