WhatsApp: some major updates will soon be available for iOS and Android users

wa drawing and stickersAfter recent controversial news, WhatsAppers may have finally something to be happy about again. It seems in fact that both iOS and Android users will soon be able to use some huge new features such as Siri support and the ability to add doodles and stickers to images. Isn’t it great? But let’s see what’s going to change in more detail.

iPhone users may be able to get these big changes starting from Tuesday, with the next Apple release of iOS 10. As we said above, WhatsApp is going to add Siri support. This new feature will allow users hands-free messaging. And that’s not all. It appears that iOS users will also be able to reply to WhatsApp messages and calls straight in the lockscreen. In addition, it seems that it will soon be possible to make WhatsApp voice calls straight from the contacts list of your iPhone.

These are the changes for iOS users, while those using Android devices have a lot to be happy as well, since some important new features will be added soon. According to Android Police, the new 2.16.262 Beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices adds: image drawing and stickers, bigger emojis, one-finger video zoom and front-facing flash. How do these new features work?

Image drawing and stickers

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This new option allows users to draw and add a sticker on an image before it’s sent.

Front-facing flash and one-finger video zoom
Thanks to this interesting new option, it will be easier to take pictures in dark environments, since the screen will be used as a flash. In addition, when you are recording a video, you simply need to slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out.

Finally, the bigger emojis.
We have already talked about this new feature, which will surely be appreciated a lot by WhatsAppers. Thanks to these latest updates, now single emojis will appear significantly larger.

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