WhatsApp for Nokia Asha: the new 2.13.16 APK is already available

symbian 40The world of instant messaging is more vibrant than ever and WhatsApp developers work hard to maintain the leadership in the field. This popular app has to keep over 900 million monthly active users satisfied, so nearly every day we can see that a new update is released.

Obviously the upgrades are more often for Android devices since their users are the majority, but in the last few months also iPhones, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia Asha devices have been regularly improved with the addition of several interesting features. So, amid all these new versions of WhatsApp, today let’s focus on the new 2.13.16 APK for Nokia Asha.

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First of all, we remind you that you can install WhatsApp on Nokia Asha devices or any other smartphone that runs on Symbian S40 (for example Nokia C3). That said, let’s see what actually changed with this new 2.13.16 version. We think that you prefer to know first the good news: performances have been considerably improved and also some bugs have been fixed. And that’s important.

Now the bad news: there aren’t any new features. However it is really considerable the number of modified files: more than 600. Also the JAR file of this 2.13.16 version has been slightly increased, even if only by 2KB. So,  how can you install this latest version of WhatsApp on your Nokia Asha smartphone? The method couldn’t be more quick and easy.

The first thing you have to do in order to install this new beta version of WhatsApp is to open the browser on your device and search for whatsapp.com/s40. From this website you can download the WhatsApp 2.13.16 JAR file. Now you’re almost done, because, once the installation is completed, the only thing left to do is to use your mobile phone number to get verified and enter into your WhatsApp account.