WhatsApp for Nokia Asha: version 2.13.8 is now available to be downloaded

whatsapp per symbianAnother update is available for WhatsApp users who access the popular instant messaging application via their Nokia Asha devices. Even if this new version 2.13.8 does not bring any new features, it contains a lot of bug fixes and, also, a particular attention was given to the application’s performance. This new version, which runs on Symbian S40, can be installed also on Nokia 3 and Nokia Asha devices.

But let’s see how to install it on your Nokia Asha. You can find version 2.13.8 available for the download on the Opera Mobile Store and you won’t have to struggle to much to install it on your device since the download is quite easy. So, let’s proceed step by step. First of all open the Opera Mobile Store. After that you have to search for WhatsApp and then you can choose to install/update (from the .jad file) the latest version of WhatsApp on your Nokia Asha. You simply have to follow the instructions provided.

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As we said above, in this WhatsApp version you won’t find any new features. The lack of changes is well balanced by an improvement of stability and performance, that will surely be appreciated by all users. Once again, the Voice Calling feature is still missing, and for the moment there are no signs that Nokia Asha users will ever benefit of this function like their colleagues who use WhatsApp on Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone devices.

Luckily, even though Symbian is not a platform very used, WhatsApp don’t forget about Nokia users, and does its best to provide a well functioning version of WhatsApp. In fact it would be a shame being forced to change a device you love because it is not compatible with some apps. And we know how useful and important is WhatsApp nowadays to share your pictures an videos with friends and family. Not to mention the texts, which you can send, wherever and whenever, for free.