WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian: a new update is now available

WhatsApp Nokia Symbian updateWhatsApp developers really never stop working and almost every day an updated version of the popular app is released. Obviously most of the updates are for the Android platform, but also iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia platforms regularly receive updates.

So, if you use WhatsApp with a Nokia Symbian device, this post might interest you. In fact, quite surprisingly, the new 2.16.9 Beta version of WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian has just been released, despite the fact that by the end of the year this popular instant messaging app will stop supporting Nokia Symbian devices. What changes with this new 2.16.9 Beta version of WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian?

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Not much, nearly nothing. As it often happens with Betas, this latest version simply fixes some bugs and issues coming from previous versions. Unfortunately also this recent update does not bring the long-awaited Voice Calling feature, so we think that is unlikely that we will be able to use this useful feature with Nokia Symbian devices. But if you are still interested in downloading this latest 2.16.9 Beta version of WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian, let’s see how to install it on your device.

First of all keep in mind that this is a Beta version, so it could contain bugs or errors that the developers will fix before releasing the next stable version of the application. Now, to update your device with this 2.16.9 version of WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian you have to open the official WhatsApp website (whatsapp.com/nokia) and download the SIS file to your device.

After the download you have to uninstall the current WhatsApp application from your smartphone. Once you have completed this procedure you can go back to the folder where you’ve saved the 2.16.9 SIS file, tap o it and start the installation of this latest Beta version of WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian.