WhatsApp: officially lauched Voice Calling for Blackberry 10

WhatsApp officially lauched Voice Calling for Blackberry 10BlackBerry 10 users have not been forgotten by WhatsApp. In fact, they can now use WhatsApp to make and receive calls. BlackBerry 10 is the third operating system chosen by WhatsApp to enable voice calls, while Windows Phone users still have to wait. After Android and iOS now, finally, it’s BlackBerry’s turn.

WhatsApp has enabled voice calls in the latest version of the app that is compatible with the operating system of the Canadian Company.  The new version of WhatsApp (, which is downloadable from the digital store BlackBerry World, includes the possibility to call contacts using WhatsApp, without seeing the minutes on your calling plan being scaled; to make your calls will be used the cellular network (2G, 3G, 4G).

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Windows Phone users still have to be patient a little bit, but the functionality is expected to arrive soon, maybe in a few days. Strangely, however, priority was given to BlackBerry 10 than Windows Phone, which has greater spread. However it is likely that the update for the BlackBerry has been considered more important, as it introduces a greater number of innovations. Besides Voice Calling, allowing you to use your Internet connection to make free VoIP calls, with version you can now quickly search for messages, chat and contacts, simply touching Search from the menu.

It’s also been improved the font to match better the screen size. You can also find some new options, like “Add to Contacts” for your list of chat and information groups, the choice of custom ringtones for incoming calls, subdirectories for images, audio and video received, and counters to cards Favorites/Groups/Contacts. Moreover, it has been improved the support for BlackBerry Classic. Several unspecified bugs were finally fixed. Users who used the beta version must uninstall it before downloading the final version available on the BlackBerry World.

Any BlackBerry 10 device (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30, Passport and Classic) supports this feature, which, thanks to the free calls, allows you to save further on the tariff plan. The spread of this platform, which was acquired by Facebook last year, has first caused the decline of text messages, and now also the classical calls may soon fall into disuse.

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