WhatsApp is planning to add a new feature similar to SnapChats’ Stories

whatsapp snapchat stories featureWhatsApp developers are really doing their best to beat competition, and it appears that the next major update will recall a popular feature that has already been introduced by its biggest rival: SnapChat.

We are talking about Stories, a very successful and useful feature, which will be added to WhatsApp along with other new options. To be honest Facebook (that owns both Instagram and WhatsApp) already added a similar feature to Instagram, so it’s not a secret that the Company really likes this option.

How does Stories work and why is it so hugely appreciated? SnapChat Stories are a series of photographs or videos that document users daily activities and that vanish just after 24 hours. This has become an extremely popular feature between SnapChat and Instagram users, and now it appears that WhatsApp developers are designing a quite similar feature that will enable WhatsApp users to share their photos and videos as part of a dedicated Status.

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WABetaInfo has already published a screenshot of this feature which will be added at first on the iOS platform of WhatsApp, even if it is very likely that Android will follow. If rumours are correct, this new Status feature will be launched with the next 2.17.5 version of WhatsApp for iOS, and will be available in the Apple App Store. According to these rumours, WhatsApp developers have been implementing the feature since November 2016.

While Stories feature is hugely contributing to Instagram’s success, a TechCruch report refers that SnapChat Stories is experiencing a significant and constant decrease. Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for approximately US$1 billion in cash and stock.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is also planning to add other new features to its service, and it seems also that WhatsApp Web will soon receive a new update that will allow users to Star, Delete and Forward multiple links and documents.