WhatsApp Reborn closes, WhatsApp won and readmits the excluded

whatsapp rebornIn the end, WhatsApp Reborn (ex WhatsApp Plus) closed: WhatsApp unlocks the accounts and users can access the service again. After months of controversy, the anti-ban version of WhatsApp has succumbed to the pressure of the official version of the application, that about two months ago had declared a ruthless war to all third-party applications. Today the queen, became famous as WhatsApp Plus, has abdicated.

As we said, about two months ago WhatsApp had started a real crusade against third-party apps, temporarily blocking the accounts of users who used WhatsApp Plus, one of the most popular alternatives to WhatsApp. The developers have now announced that WhatsApp Reborn, the anti-ban version of WhatsApp Plus, is officially dead. The story had its conclusion in the last seven days.  But let’s see what happened.

On March the 24th was released the 1.80 version of WhatsApp Reborn that, in addition to various bug fix, introduced the Calls tab, visible only now on Android with the build 2.12.19 of the official app.  WhatsApp Reborn was born from the ashes of WhatsApp Plus and allowed the access to the messaging service totally free (without banner ads), thanks to the implementation of a function “ban-proof”. On March 29th, the developers have published a post on Google+, which told the story of the clash with WhatsApp.

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Because of an incorrect interpretation of the letter sent by the Californian company at the beginning of February, the development of WhatsApp Reborn had not been interrupted. The second letter, sent on March 23rd, was read only after the release of the version 1.80 of the app. The developers then demanded the unblock of all accounts, in exchange for an agreement out of court.

At the end of March arrived the answer from WhatsApp: banned users will be able to use the service again, installing the original app. A news welcomed by thousands of users who had been blocked by WhatsApp for violating one of the rules of the instant messaging service regarding the use of third-party applications. Now, they can return to use the original version of WhatsApp.

So, WhatsApp Reborn will no longer work. All posts and any related content to WhatsApp Reborn will be deleted. The old accounts of WhatsApp Reborn will be deleted, as well as all the conversations in it. This was a successful application loved by so many users becaused it allowed access to the messaging service for free and without advertising banners through the “ban-proof” function. But clearly, WhatsApp has expert lawyers.

The news spread on the web in the last hours, right now that WhatsApp introduced free voice calls to all Android users.

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