WhatsApp: released the update for Windows Phone (

windows phone voice callingWhatsApp, which has reached the incredibly amount of over 800 million active users each month, is developing a lot, especially since it was bought by Facebook. As you know, it is now the most used instant messaging application in the world and its success is daily growing. As a consequence its updates are always followed with great interest by the public.

Among WhatsApp features, probably Voice Calling is one of the favourite between its users. In fact it is already used by billions of people across the world, who use this function to call for free friends, family or colleagues. Initially Windows Phone users couldn’t use it, as it was enabled only for Android, Blackberry 10 and iPhone. But now things are developing again, and WhatsApp has introduced Voice Calling feature also on Windows Phone.

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Surely you have noticed that, so far, WhatsApp has not provided to Windows Phone the same level of attention given to Android, which was always the first one to test and receive all experimental features, but now something has changed. Now updates on Windows Phone are more frequent, demonstrating that the attention to its users is increased. Windows Phone users have been waiting quite a long time before being able to make calls with WhatsApp, and with version it seemed it could finally be possible.

But unfortunately the reality was quite different, since a large number of users have encountered many problems with this feature. In some cases the app no longer worked.  Luckily WhatsApp studied the problem and has now released a new update. So, will this latest update solve the problem?

The new version, which you can find on Windows Phone Store, doesn’t have new features but fixes many bugs and also the performances of the application seem much improved. If you download it, you’ll find some enhancements with the notification and in sending multimedia files, besides some new translations.