WhatsApp: new version and new animations

whatsapp nuove immaginiIt is ready a final update of WhatsApp which brings some interesting graphics news. Those news follow the recent introduction of Material Design. As you know, animations are a foundamental part of Material Design, and WhatsApp, officially the most used instant messaging app all over the world, doesn’t want to lose the occasion to beat its competitors and introduces some new, better and colourful elements.

You can find them all in the new version, the 2.12.130, which you can download from the official website and will soon arrive also on Play Store. It offers an animated search bar quite similar to that introduced by Google on its store.These new enhancements regards the bar where you can find  the latest connection time of your contacts. The bar is now animated, exactly like the one of the Play Store (at the end of it, after the animation, you’ll see only the last time your contact was on line).

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But it is not yet very clear if the introduction of these animations regards only the last version of WhatsApp, considering they were already noticed in the previous version 2.12.126. And that’s not all.

The new version contains also a little change regarding the caption of the messages from multiple conversations. For example, now you can read “4 messages from 4 chat” instead of “4 messages from 4 conversations”. If you are eager to download this new 2.12.130 version, you can click here to link to this new  APK.