WhatsApp: there is a version of the app that automatically records all voice calls

A new version of the app now automatically records all voice callsWhatsapp is the messaging service that, during the last years, has incredibly spread on all smartphones that support this free app, which can be downloaded in a few minutes.
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Today around the world the service is used by 700 million people a month, with an exchange of 30 billion messages daily.

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The data, made public by the company’s CEO Jan Koum, refer to January 2015 and are impressive, but very likely today they have already been overcome considering the constant expansion of WhatsApp all over the world.

As you may know, recently WhatsApp has undergone some upgrades that have introduced voice calls on its version for Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10, to the delight of the many users who use the service and that now, finally, have the possibility to make and receive VoIP calls. During the last hours, the portal Bild Zeitung reports that two German IT bloggers have discovered a detail that, initially, made Android users who use WhatsApp worried. As reported by the website Bild Zeitung, in the version 2.12.45 of WhatsApp for Android there is a function that automatically records the data of all voice calls.

The team of WhatsApp wanted to clarify that the automatic call recording is limited to version 2.12.45, which can only be downloaded via APK file and is not available for download via the official website of the app or via the Google Play Store. This version of WhatsApp has in fact been created with the sole purpose to record calls and assess its functioning. So, you were already planning to permanently uninstall the application of instant messaging to keep you safe from prying ears? It’s not necessary.

In fact from WhatsApp they have reassured all their users informing them that there is no privacy issue, the official application does not record any calls. If you accidentally or unknowingly have downloaded and installed the version 2.12.45 of WhatsApp, you can uninstall the application and download the latest version of the instant messaging service through the Google Play Store or via the official website WhatsApp.com.

But if, however, you still have doubts about the possibility that your calls can be automatically recorded, you can simply check it for yourself, accessing the folder WhatsApp Calls (through WhatsApp> Media> WhatsApp Calls). This is where all recorded WhatsApp calls are stored (here you could find three rows for each call. If you want to listen to them you have to decompress the file with the extension .gz, which is also the slightly heavier one). If the folder is empty, you have nothing to worry about.

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