WhatsApp for Windows Phone: new beta (2.12.100) and new features

whatsapp per windows phone_nuove betaIt is a really busy summer for WhatsApp developers and, as a consequence, for its users. The first are working very, very hard to constantly improve this popular instant messaging application, and on the other hand, us, the users … well … we are very busy in trying to have the most updated version of WhatsApp on our devices.

You could think it’s a joke, but actually it isn’t. Infact during the last few weeks WhatsApp has released dozens of updates, mainly for Android devices, but also for BlackBerry, iPhone and all other devices supporting the app. WhatsApp does not seem willing to give up its primacy in the field of instant messaging communication (today it is the most used instant messaging app in the world,  with over 800 million users worldwide) and is working hard to cope with a fierce competition.

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That being said, today let’s concentrate on WhatsApp for Windows Phone. During the last few hours a new beta version (2.12.100) has been released, which further enhances the functionality of the app on WP. First of all, one of the new features brings the ability to customise the ringtones for your VOIP calls, so you can finally pick the one you prefer for each one of your contacts.

In addition, users that today make their calls through Voip will surely be glad to know that another important change has been introduced. This last update finally allows you to get more information about your calls, including the duration and the amount of data consumed. Unfortunately we are not yet able to tell you when this beta will be available in a stable version, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.