WhatsApp for Windows Phone: further improvements with new Beta version 2.12.198

new beta for windows phoneIf you use WhatsApp through a Windows Phone device, you will certainly be happy to know that a new updated version of your favourite messaging app has been released. This latest beta 2.12.198 brings some improvements and some interesting new features that, for the moment, only the users who joined the beta program are able to test. Unfortunately all the other users will have to wait until version 2.12.198 becomes a stable one because, as happened before with the other betas, this latest version 2.12.198 isn’t available on the Windows Store.

That said, let’s see what are the updates introduced with this latest beta. Much of these improvements concern the Starred Messages feature. In fact, with this new version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone, users can select or deselect favourite messages and, to reach the starred messages folder, a new shortcut has been added at the bottom menu. Furthermore, it is now possible to star messages straight inside the chats.

For now these marked messages will not show the name of the contact who sent them, but just the date and the time. For today it seems that there aren’t other news about what else developers are doing to update WhatsApp for Windows Phone since they haven’t provided a change log. Let’s see what happens during the next few weeks.

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Sadly the web and instant messaging apps are not always used by the right people, and today we are often witnessing a criminal use of the internet. According to Vulcan Post, during the last few hours the Singapore Police Force had to post an alert on Facebook about a hoax that has been circulating online. This is the text posted by the Singapore Police:

The Police are aware of a Whatsapp message that is circulating. The message, which claims that “Singapore national security lockdown will be conducted (sic) city wide borders…”, is completely false and totally irresponsible. Members of public are advised not to spread unsubstantiated information which may generate unnecessary public alarm. Play a part to keep our home safe and secure by staying vigilant and reporting any suspicious persons or activities.”

And it’s not the only scam. Between others, it seems that an email with a malicious virus has been circulating as well. The message is called “We All Paris” and contains a baby photo with a bracelet saying “we are all PARIS”. It’s important that you don’t click this message because it can retrieve all your data and passwords. So pay attention, and be more careful than ever when using your devices.

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