WhatsApp for Windows Phone: more improvements with Beta version 2.16.44

windows phones beta 2 16 44Another surprise in store for the pleasure of WhatsApp users. In fact, another update of WhatsApp for Windows Phone has just been released and is already available on the beta channel. This new version brings further improvements to UI which will surely be appreciated by WhatsApp users. So, what changes with this latest Beta version 2.16.44 of WhatsApp for Windows Phone?

The first change that you will notice is the position of the call button, that has been moved, and now you can find it on the top right corner. This is a smart move. In fact, even if you don’t realize it immediately, this small change will help you not to make accidental calls, since the call button is no more close to the enter button. Definitely really helpful. Furthermore, now you can find the profile picture of the person with whom you are chatting, next to the call button at the top, and that’s nice too.

As we said, this latest 2.16.44 version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone is a Beta, so it is not yet available for all Windows Phone users, but just for those who are allowed to test it. But certainly a stable version containing all the improvements recently added will soon be available for everyone.

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Clearly WhatsApp doesn’t want to lose its supremacy in the instant messaging field, and is working more than usual to satisfy its many (1 billion) users. All the platforms supporting WhatsApp (above all Android, but you can use the app also on Windows Phones, iPhones, BlackBerry and Nokia devices) are regularly receiving¬† updates, and rumours report that the video calling feature will soon be available.

And much more is going to come if it’s true what Jan Koum (WhatsApp CEO) promised when he said that starting from this year new tools will be tested, allowing users to communicate with businesses and organisations more easily.