Windows 10 will soon support WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web windows 10Yes, it’s not just a rumour, it’s true. The release of Windows 10 was much expected, and now that it is available users will be glad to know that it will support WhatsApp Web too. Microsoft has confirmed that they are updating Edge, the new Windows 10 browser, so that it can soon support also WhatsApp Web.

As you know until now it was possible to use WhatsApp Web, the popular web app extension that allows you to send and receive messages using your PC, only through some browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. With Edge it was not yet possible to access WhatsApp directly from a PC, but, luckily for us, things are finally changing.

According to what David Storey stated, this gap will be solved as soon as possible. Storey, program manager at Microsoft, during the last few hours has announced that Microsoft and WhatsApp are keen to bring WhatsApp Web within Edge, but unfortunately gave us no further details about what seems to be an extremely important collaboration in the instant messaging field.

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Currently we don’t know exactly when this update will be available, as the timing was not revealed, but we believe that these two giants won’t wait too long to satisfy their many users. It is logical to think that the WhatsApp Web will be introduced on Edge when Microsoft will add new extensions on its browser.

Unfortunately we do not know for certain when this will happen because the feature is currently being developed. We can only anticipate that people enrolled to Windows Insider program will be the first to have the opportunity to test the new features of Windows 10.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Web currently does not work with Internet Explorer 11, so  Windows 10 users will have to use other browsers that are supported by WhatsApp Web.