Whatsapp for Nokia 701

At the time of launch, the Nokia 701 was unmistakably one of the prettiest devices in 2011. It features a Gsm and HSPA radio baseband, a 1.3ghz ARM11 processor and 16GB of internal storage.

It boasts of a 3.5-inch display with Nokia’s clear black display and the latest, at the time, gorilla glass protection. It has an 8 megapixel back camera and a VGA front camera for video calling. It also features NFC technology, 512mb of ram and runs on the latest Symbian Belle operating system.
Nokia 701
Whatsapp is a cross-platform messenger that supports a variety of smartphone operating system namely; IOS, Android, Nokia Symbian, Nokia s40 and windows phone. Being Symbian, means the Nokia 701 natively supports WhatsApp. There are different ways to get WhatsApp running on this phone;

1st method
What you will need
1. A PC or your phone
2. A stable internet connection

1. Visit the following link
2. Download the provided .sis file to your local storage( either your phone’s storage or PC hard drive)
3. If you’re using a PC, copy the downloaded file to the phone’s storage
4. Navigate to the downloaded folder on your phone, launch the file and run the installation as you would normally sideload any other app

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5. Navigate back to your app install location, there should now be a WhatsApp icon. Launch the app and enjoy

2nd method
1. A stable internet connection
2. Your phone
This is almost certainly the simpler of the two methods. Being officially supported, WhatsApp is relatively easy to get up and running on a Nokia 701.

1. Head over to the Opera mobile store
2. From the search bar, type in whats app messenger and search for the app
3. The search results should bring up a list of WhatsApp related applications. Identify the official version of WhatsApp, click on it and you should be redirected to a prompt to accept or reject the download
4. Click on download button and wait for the application to be downloaded to the phones internal storage
5. The app should install shortly after the download. Head to your app list and launch WhatsApp, enter your login credentials if you’re a registered user. For new users, registration is easy and straight forward. Fill in your details and accept the provided terms of usage, a confirmation text should be sent to your preferred login number, you should be registered with just a flew clicks. Enjoy
6. You may additionally download the app from the store online using a PC

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