Whatsapp for Nokia 7230

The ability to exchange messages whenever we want is a huge convenience. Each method of communication has its own pros and cons but whether you are voice messaging or sending a text it’s nice to know that in an instant your message will be delivered to your party.

There are a lot of applications that can be used for messaging. WhatsApp has become a favorite.
Nokia 7230
The Nokia 7230 is a popular slider phone that is a 3G and has 71 megabytes of memory and a 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone was released on the market for purchase in 2010. Initial users enjoyed the size of the phone because the design is slim and the phone is not bulky to store and carry around. The sides feature a button that is used to run the phone’s camera, and the battery for the phone is stored in the back. The bold display on the camera supports 262,000 colors.

Downloading the application on the phone takes just a couple of quick steps.

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1. Log onto the Internet and run a search for WhatsApp or look for it through the marketplace you usually use on your cellphone.
2. When it is located an option to download it will appear.
3. Do so and then install the application from the screen by using the instructions. The application will ask you to agree to the terms and services,
4.Once the installation is completed you will be able to launch WhatsApp from the final screen.

WhatsApp voice messaging is also available for Nokia 7230. Easy to run, just press and hold the center button while you record the message. To cancel a recording all you have to do is simply tap the center button a second time. WhatsApp works over WiFi.

When it comes to texting programs it’s hard to beat the ease and affordability of the WhatsApp program. When your friends join WhatsApp it will be the only application any of you will use.