Whatsapp for Nokia 7610

The Nokia 7610 is a 2004 release that has Symbian OS version 7.0s series 60 v2.001. Its CPU is a 123 MHz ARM925Y. It has an internal memory of 8 MB and a 1 MP camera. Its JAVA platform is the MIDP 2.0.

At a weight of 118 grams it has TFT screen with 65K colors. It is a 2.1 inch 35X41 mm screen. It has a resolution of 176X208 which is approximately 130 PPI pixel density. Its chipset comes from the TI OMAP 1510.
Nokia 7610
The extra memory allows for user installing apps and music of their choice.

The process of installing WhatsApp on Nokia 7610 is quite straight forward with less than ten steps.
1. Start the phone and proceed to the internet browser

2. At the browser visit this link

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3. Select the Nokia phone icon

4. Click on the download big icon on the screen. The download will start immediately.

5. Wait for the application to download as seen on the status bar on the screen. Once the download and installation is complete a notification will appear on the screen.

6. Start the application and set the date and time. The application will then ask you to input your phone number and country code.

7. Press enter or continue and a new page requiring a verification code will appear.

8. A confirmation message will be sent to you with a verification code. Paste that code on the application textbox and press enter or continue. This verification activates WhatsApp on the device and confirms ownership of the phone.

9. The setup is now complete and you are ready to send free messages and videos to your friends who have the application already installed.