Whatsapp for Nokia 8250

The Nokia 8250 is an old feature phone that was produced at one time by Nokia. It employed GSM-type network towers, was released in 2000, and served as a great standard feature phone. It weighed 81 grams and was 19 millimeters thick, and it had a talk and text life of 2.5 hours, as well as a potential standby time of up to 150 hours.
Nokia 8250
The Nokia 8250 has long since been discontinued by Nokia, and it can only be purchased on a secondary market like eBay. Furthermore, most networks will no longer support this phone unless if it was grandfathered in by a user previously.

Can the Nokia 8250 Run Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, the Nokia 8250 is not capable of running the Whatsapp application. Doing so requires that a user possess a phone that has a recent version of Android OS or iOS, which is the standard operating system for apple devices. Since the Nokia 8250 is only a feature phone–not a smartphone–it doesn’t have any sort of “smart OS” running on it. As a result, it doesn’t have access to the app stores that smart phones provide.

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What Do I Need to Run Whatsapp?

If you still want to run the Whatsapp smartphone application, you will need to obtain a smartphone that is capable of running a recent version of Android OS, iOS, Blackberry OS, or Windows OS. Thankfully, you can now find many of these smartphones on sale for as little as $50 or less, and you can buy them from a number of different wireless providers, as well as from retail stores like WalMart.

Once you have obtained a relatively new smartphone, you will need to go to that phone’s app store to download the app. On every smartphone you could buy, the app store for that particular operating system is usually shown to you on your “home page”, which is the first screen you will see when you power up the phone.

If it isn’t there, you will need to look in your applications list to find the app store. Once there, use the search feature to search for “Whatsapp”, and you will be able to download the app from the app store. Once it is finished downloading and installing, Voila! You may now use the Whatsapp application to send free SMS.

If you would like more to learn more about the Nokia 8250, you may do so at GSM Arena, which is a website dedicated to researching and reviewing GSM-based phones.

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