Whatsapp for Nokia N70

Installing Whatsapp On The Nokia N70

The Nokia N70 is a mobile phone designed to have 3G capabilities. It became readily available to the public in 2006, and it is widely considered to be one of the best early internet connected phones.

The device runs on the Symbian v8.1 operating system and has 32 MB of memory. Also, despite being an older model, the N70 had both a front and rear view camera allowing for video calling. Other features unique to this classic Nokia are a Bluetooth function, the ability to play digital music, and support for 3R Java games available on S60 2nd Edition software.

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So, all of these functions made it possible to download the popular WhatsApp application onto the N70. In fact, the N70 debuted at about the same time that the original software for the famous messaging app was first introduced.

For early users of the phone be, the ability to be able to communicate without tradiotnal SMS messaging was a big plus. While the phone is still available to those who actively search for it in the marketplace, the luxury of WhatsApp may no longer be available unfortunately.

The reason for this is simply a matter of evolving software. The trouble with technology is that it is constantly in a state of change, and this means that it becomes outdated fairly quickly. So while the Nokia N70 is still the same device that it has been since it first debuted ten years ago, WhatsApp has only grown more and more popular.

In fact, WhatsApp is now the preferred form of text based communication in some parts of the world. This has lead to constant development on the part of the WhatsApp creators according to this  site. It is fair to say that the application that is available to the public today has very little in common with the one that was available on the Nokia N70. At least from a software perspective, the current WhatsApp is completely incompatible.

This means that unless for some reason you still have a N70 from 2006, and you downloaded the WhatsApp onto the phone at that time, there is no chance of having the app on your phone. Even if you do have the app, it is probably not able to communicate with people who have current WhatsApp technology. After all, the software is about ten years old. Time is up for the N70.