Whatsapp for Nokia N73

The Nokia N73 is an old feature phone that was released in August of 2006 and has since been discontinued. It cam fully loaded as a basic smartphone with a 2.4 inch screen, 3 megapixel front camera, and 64 MB of RAM.

On top of that, it sported an 1100mAH Lithium ion battery that was capable of holding its battery life for a sizable amount of time. The Nokia N73 could access the internet, download video, play the radio, and play downloaded MP3s, so it was a top-of-the-line feature phone in its hey day.
Nokia N73
Can it run Whatsapp?
Unfortunately, the Nokia N73 is not capable of running the Whatsapp mobile messaging application. The phone was actually discontinued just a few years after its release, meaning that not that many people will have it any more.

Regardless, since the Nokia N73 is a “feature” phone and not a “smart” phone, it doesn’t have an operating system that the Whatsapp application can use. The N73 runs on an old operating system (OS) called Symbian 9.1, and it is simply not capable of running the application.

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What do I Need to Run Whatsapp?
The Whatsapp application will only work well with Android OS, Apple iOS, Windows OS, and Blackberry OS smartphones. If you don’t already own one of these phones, you will want to purchase one that has been made within the last five years to make sure that the phone has the most recent software capabilities.

Since Android OS and Apple iOS are the two most popular operating systems, these are the software requirements for those to platforms to run Whatsapp:

Android OS–>You must have an Android phone that can run at least OS 2.1. This is a severely outdated version of Android, but it is currently still sufficient to run the app.

Apple iOS–>For Apple iOS, you will need to have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad that is capable of running iOS 6. Again, this is a rather outdated version, but it is sufficient for the task at hand.

How to Get Whatsapp on Your Device
If you have a mobile device that is capable of running Whatsapp, all you will need to do is go to your device’s app store to download the application. Once the download and installation process is complete, you will be able to boot the application and run it on your device!

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