WhatsApp for Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is the follow-up to the N96 in Nokia’s Nseries of high-end smartphones. The phone features a touchscreen, as well as a QWERTY keyboard.

The operating system is Symbian OS v.9.4, features 32 GB of internal storage, and has 256MB RAM. The touchscreen is 3.5 inches, with a total weight of 150 g for the phone and it features a 5.0-megapixel camera and 640.360-pixel display screen.

The battery life ranges from 3.5 hours for video recording, all the way up to 18 days in standby mode. In regular use, the battery should last between 6 to 10 hours.

Nokia N97

Steps for downloading and installing WhatsApp for the Nokia N97

1. Load the Nokia Store Application.
2. Select the search icon (a magnifying glass along the bottom bar).
3. Type in ‘WhatsApp’ or ‘WhatsApp Messenger’.
4. Select the WhatsApp icon, and select install.
5. After a few minutes the application will download and install on your phone.

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6. Open the WhatsApp application by selecting the icon.
7. Review and agree to the Terms of Service.
8. Confirm that you have the correct phone number listed in the application. This is critical to make sure that your friends and family can communicate with your phone.
9. Enter a name for the account. This will be the name other people you message will see. You can use your name, a nickname or a business name.
10. If later you need to change the account name, select the Menu Button, then the Settings option, select your current account name and re-enter your new name.
11. The WhatsApp application is now installed on your phone. You can start chatting and texting with friends and family.
12. You can also activate the download process by visiting the company’s web app image scan feature. Visit https://web.whatsapp.com/ and scan the bar code.

Keep in mind that internet use and text message rates will apply to using the WhatsApp messaging system. Make sure to review your current internet data plan details, and messaging rates to understand any expenses that you may incur.

The WhatsApp application offers end to end encryption for all messages. Visit the application’s security page for details on privacy and security terms, explanations and infographics

If you have issues with the installation, or general questions about how to use the application visit the WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

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