Whatsapp for Nexus 7

WhatsApp on Nexus 7 – The Easy Way

The Nexus 7 is a tablet developed by Google. There are two versions, the newest being introduced in 2013. It runs on Google’s Android operating system. The third tablet by Google is very powerful.
It comes in various storage sizes such as 16 and 32gb. It’s clocked at 1.51 gigahertz quad core with 2gb or ram. The screen size is 7.02 inches measured diagonally with a 1920×1200 resolution. The tablet originally shipped with 4.3 Jellybean, but is now updated to 6.0 Marshmallow. The tablet doesn’t support external storage, but it does have a micro-usb port. Battery is excellent too.

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Unfortunately, tablets do not support WhatsApp Messenger, but there are ways around this. There is a way that involves “rooting” your device, but that is complicated. The way I will teach is less confusing, but there is a drawback.

It will not let you sync this device with another device account. If you wanted to sync, you would have to use the root method. Before you get started, you must choose which activation method is the best. You can use your own mobile phone to receive a code, or you can download textPlus which will generate a phone number. There are two things you will need before you get started. A phone that doesn’t have WhatsApp on it or textPlus installed on the Nexus.

You must also have the official WhatsApp APK downloaded. Assuming you already have the APK downloaded, on the Nexus, go to settings then security and then check Unknown sources. This will let you install the APK. Go to the downloads location which is where the APK should be located and tap on it.

Click install and then done. You can now choose to do the optional step of installing textPlus to generate a phone number or just use another cell phone. Tap on WhatsApp to open it and click agree and continue.

It will come up with an error that says tablets are not supported. Click ignore and select OK. You should now be in the setup screen. Choose your country, and input a phone number (real or textPlus). Your SMS verification may fail and if so, just try again or choose to receive a phone call with your code instead. After the SMS activation, you should now be ready to use the application

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