Whatsapp for GALAXY TAB 3 – TAB-S – TAB-Y

Whatsapp for galaxy tab 3 - tab-S and tab-YThe Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 5 and Tab Y are three of the most popular Android tablets from Samsung. Samsung has long placed itself as a top manufacturer of tablets, so naturally you would want to go with one of these options (the major differences lie in the size of the screen and some general hardware configurations).
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If you are looking to install WhatsApp onto one of these tablets you might be a bit dismayed to learn that the application is designed more to work on a smartphone than a tablet, as it needs a phone number connected to it to function. However there is always a solution !

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You may have also seen different tutorials requiring you to root access your tablet, which is a giant pain and can often render your warranty useless. However, with this method of installing WhatsApp onto your Samsung tablet, you do not need to root it and it only takes a few steps to complete. First, you need to download the WhatsApp .apk file onto your tablet. Now, you are not going to find this in the Google Play store.

Instead, you need to open the Internet browser on your tablet and head over to the WhatsApp website, then select the “Android” based download. When the file is about to download it is going to ask you where to save the file. Select to save either to the internal storage or SD card. It does not matter for this process.

After you have finished downloading the file, select the “Settings” icon on your Samsung tablet, then choose “App” followed by “Security”. From here, check off the “Unknown Sources” and open the .apk file. If you do not check this option, Samsung and Android prevent the file from downloading as it identifies it as a potential virus or malware. It is a good idea to uncheck this box after you have finished installing though, just to turn your firewall back on.

With the “Unknown Source” selection checked, navigate back to the location where you saved the .apk file and open it. This launches the installation wizard. You need to type in a phone number to associate with the application, and once you have done this the application is going to become active on your Samsung tablet. Whether you use the Tab 3, Tab 5 or Tab Y, it is going to work in exactly the same way, no matter what you are using.

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