Whatsapp for Samsung B5722

Samsung isn’t one to skimp on its creations, and the Samsung B5722 is a top contender. Sleek and stylish, this phone competes very well against more expensive phones out there at a price of $125.

Storing apps isn’t an issue as this phone has 30MB of internal memory and a microSD slot that can hold 8GB microSD card. You can hold 1000 contacts on it’s phonebook. Regardless of all its high-tech features, the B5722 is a smartphone and if you’re like most people you’ll want to use your phone for texting.
Samsung B5722
Unfortunately, text message fees can be a bit hefty and might hurt your budget. Whatsapp, an app that lets you send text messages without paying any texting fees, is the perfect solution. Here’s a step by step guide of how to download and install Whatsapp.

Download Whatsapp From The Android Store
This phone uses the Android operating system so you’ll have to download it from their store. It should take up much space on the phone’s hard drive and the download speed is likely to be quite short.

Agree To The Terms and Conditions
There are conditions to the installation of Whatsapp. To use Whatspp you’re going to have to agree to them to move on. For the most part, it’s nothing you haven’t already seen in other apps.

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Verify Your Phone Number
Input the number of your cell phone into the device. Make sure you have a stable wifi connect, or the verification process might not work. Reboot the phone if this fails and re-install the latest version of the app.

Type In The Name You Would Like Displayed To Others
Simply input the name that others will see when you send them a message. If you do not like it you may change the name later.

Restore Old Contacts From Previous Versions
If you have previously used Whatsapp you may transfer your old contacts to the latest versions. When the app prompts you, agree to transfer contacts.

Begin Sending Messages
The app should be functioning fully and allow you to send messages. As long as the person you are sending the text to has an activated cell phone you can send a text message to them