Whatsapp for Samsung C300

While the Samsung C300 is a now discounted phone from the mobile phone manufacturer, it still is able to provide some nice features. As it came out in October of 2006, it came out the year before the first iPhone, which is why the phone didn’t did much after a year or so. It does have some features mobile users can take advantage of though, including using the WhatsApp application.

Samsung C300

Samsung C300 uses the GSM mobile phone technology. It is a classical slide phone, where the cover of the phone is slid up to reveal the push-pad. It does not have a touchscreen on it. The screen is 1.8 inches in size with a 128 by 160 pixel resolution. It can take pictures but it doesn’t have any video recording capability. There is also no memory card slot, giving users a total of 2 MB worth of storage.

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This means, in order to run any real application (especially WhatsApp), the phone does need to be clear of most other unnecessary applications and photographs. The phone doesn’t have too many other features as it is a base, entry level device running the MIDP 2.0 version of Java.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp

In order to install WhatsApp onto the Samsung C300, it first needs to be downloaded to a computer. Through the MIDP website (found at Oracle), an individual is able to navigate to the downloads section. Within this section it does display different application downloads for the operating system. When selecting the WhatsApp download, it is very important to choose the 2.0 download method. This helps stream the WhatsApp application of any unnecessary data, which reduces the size of the file and allows it to be installed onto the mobile phone.

Once the file has downloaded to the computer, the user needs to connect a USB cable to the phone (an adapter to connect with the Samsung C300’s charger port is required). Once the computer detects the phone they can drag and drop the new file into the mobile phone. After this has finished, the user can disconnect the phone then locate the WhatsApp folder on the start screen. Once selecting it, the phone runs through a brief installation walkthrough before completing the process. After the software has finished installing it is possible to open the file up and use it on the device and use it to contact other users of the application.

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