Whatsapp for Samsung W279

The Samsung W279 also known as the Primo Duos gives the user the ability to stream movies and download music and videos.

With the consumers choice of internet up to 3.1 Mbps can be available. A dual SIM allows the owner to use 2 card slots (CDMA & GSM). The GSM offers between 900 to 1,800 MHz and the CDMA offers 800 MHz connections that remain active. Providing a 3G modem giving a very fast connection.
Samsung W279
The batter is an extended 1,200 Ah and the browser is a Polaris 6.2. Finally the Bluetooth connectivity is a V 1.2.

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The minimum requirements for this app is an Android operating system of 2.1 or higher, an unlimited data plan is recommended, and keep in mind tablet devices are not supported. For the Samsung W279 you will need to visit Google Play and search for the WhatsApp.

To find the Google Play on this phone go to the Apps section then touch the Play Store icon. If this can’t be found the app may need to be re-enabled. Turn off the device and turn it back on then look for the app. The Play Store app comes installed on all Android devices that support Google Play. If this app is not on the device there is no way to download it. Once found touch the screen to download this app.

When the app is fully downloaded open WhatsApp and agree to the Terms of Service. Next the phone number for that device will need to be verified. The next step is to assign a name that will be displayed to other users.

This name can be changed later by going to the Menu Button – Settings – Profile and touching the pencil icon.

Should the user have installed this app on their phone before they will be prompted with the message ‘Chat backup found’. Press restore to restore the old chats or ignore this option for a new chat. More often than not the icon for this app will appear on the device’s screen. If not go to the Apps section on the device and hold the App icon for a few seconds. This will carry the App icon to one of the device’s front screens.